The Bicycle Kick

The move first occurred in the Pacific ports of South America, in the late 1800s. While their ships were docked, British mariners played football among themselves and with locals as a form of leisure; the sport’s practice was embraced at the ports because its simple rules and equipment made it accessible to the general public.

British immigrants were attracted by South America’s economic prospects

Peruvian seaport workers first performed the bicycle kick during late 19th century matches with British sailors and railroad employees in Peru’s chief seaport, where it received the name “tiro de chalaca” (Callao’s strike).

Popular Culture

It has appeared in football related movies and famous series as well. In the film from 1981 “Victory” Pelé does the move to score the last goal. It is also important in the plot of the anime “Captain Tsubasa” where Ozora Tsubasa marks a goal this way after learning it from his trainer Roberto Hongo.