The Best Bicycle Kicks – Chalacas

Before the first FIFA World Cup happened, Bicycle Kicks had already been part of Football

The move is widely considered one of the most spectacular in the game of football

This site is dedicated to the best bicycle kicks or “Chalacas” in football and it’s history as a move in the game. Bicycle kicks first occurred in the Pacific ports of South America, in the late 1800s. While their ships were docked, British mariners played football among themselves and with locals as a form of leisure; the sport’s practice was embraced at the ports because its simple rules and equipment made it accessible to the general public. Peruvian seaport workers first performed the bicycle kick during late 19th century matches with British sailors and railroad employees in Peru’s chief seaport, where it received the name “tiro de chalaca” (Callao's strike).

Best Chalacas List

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The move was decisive and important in the 1982 World Cup semi-finals in Spain, when Klaus Fischer scored the last goal with a bicycle kick against France, leading to penalties. The match was won by Germany which went to the finals.

Also remembered, in 2014 Claudio Pizarro's overhead scoring later chosen as the best goal of the week (when playing in Bayern) against Hamburg, one of the best goals of the year. Cristiano Ronaldo's 2018 bicycle kick goal playing against Juventus is included too!

Football in 1892

The oldest execution of the bicycle kick as an established move has been defined by the Argentinian historian Jorge Barraza as the “Chalaca”, made in the year 1892 in the port of Callao by local workers in a football match against British sailors. The image shows an excerpt of the Peruvian newspaper “El Comercio” from 1904.

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