The Best of the Year

Cristiano Ronaldo's 2018 bicycle kick against Juventus

One of the best bicycle kick goals of the year. Elevating at more than 2.2 meters of height in the air to achieve the execution shown. Cristiano Ronaldo declared it to probably be the best goal he's done in his career.

Gareth Bale's chalaca in the UEFA Champions League Final

Also one of the best goals in the year 2018. Fast execution and great aiming as a considerably high elevation made the ball hit as an inevitable goal. Real Madrid won the final 3 to 1 against Liverpool.

“Honoured to be nominated for the 2018 FIFA #Puskas Award. To score a goal like that on the biggest stage of world football was a dream come true!”

Gareth Bale

“Siento haber marcado ante mi actual equipo, pero esto es el pasado. Fue el gol más bonito de mi carrera y cuando vi que la gente aplaudía, me quedé sin palabras, nunca viví nada parecido.”

Cristiano Ronaldo